CV | Resume


Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering (4.8/5.0)   June 2015

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dissertation topic: “Slurry abrasive particle agglomeration & experimentation towards traditional and novel chemical mechanical planarization”


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (4.9/5.0) June 2009 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thesis topic: “Modeling of advanced integrated circuit planarization processes: electrochemical-mechanical planarization (eCMP), STI CMP using non-conventional slurries”


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) May 2007

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)  

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina

Corporate Experience

Senior Engineering Program Manager:  Experience Prototyping, Special Projects Group

Present    Apple, Inc.   Cupertino, CA

  • Drive development of experience prototypes and platforms for learning based software technologies on new hardware products: defining concept explorations/scope of work, leading technical integration, owning delivery schedule and budget for program wide prototyping efforts
  • Manage cross-functional contributors, academic partners and executive stakeholder relationships to gather requirements, management implementation and drive rapid delivery of prototypes to product teams as well as executives for sign-off
  • Lead programmatic development of proof-of-concept builds including: concept phase (feature down selection), local fabrication (vendor management and release process) and assembly, and HW/SW bring-up.


VP, Mobile: AudioCommon Mobile

July 2013-January 2015    AudioCommon, Inc.   Lowell, MA

  • Led development of two native iOS mobile applications, which enable: (1) cloud based collaboration and multi-track recording for musicians and artist paired with the AudioCommon web platform. (2) streaming/mobile fan engagement with new forms of music content through micro-subscription, also paired with the AudioCommon web platform (patent pending).
  • Partner at AudioCommon, a music technology startup redefining the way music is created and shared in today’s interconnected world via a suite of cloud based products focused on both internal collaboration and external fan engagement.
  • One utility patent (14/918,027) and 2 design patents pending

Research Experience

Research Assistant: MIT EECS (Advisor, Prof. Duane Boning) 

September 2007-June 2015    Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Cambridge, MA

  • Led fundamental experimentation and first non-empirical theoretical agglomeration modeling efforts for the behavior of CMP slurry abrasive particles in-situ for traditional and novel planarization methodologies.
  • Developed particle-level model using measurable slurry metrics both chemical and physical in nature to predict the growth and behavior of large agglomerates (>1um) towards planarization efficiency. Prototyped in Matlab and deployed in C.
  • Previously focused on two types of advanced planarization processes: wafer-level modeling of electrochemical mechanical planarization (e-CMP) and die-level modeling of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) for STI structures using novel slurries.  (Masters Thesis Work)


Graduate Research Intern: PTM/IPAG, Intel

June 2009-August 2009, June 2010-August 2010, June 2012-November 2012            Intel Corporation               Hillsboro, OR

  • Researched the possibilities of implementing theoretical particle agglomeration models for CMP slurries to understand the causes and effects of agglomerates in planarization (CMP)
  • Developed general expression to correlate inter-particle interactions and numerical model framework for correlation of electrochemical slurry properties to the probability of agglomeration size distribution. (Prototyped in Matlab, Deployed in C)


Technical Intern (Part-Time): National Semiconductor Research

June 2008-January 2009    National Semiconductor Corporation    South Portland, ME

  • Conducted experiments and performing novel physically based chip-scale/feature-scale modeling of STI CMP processes with non-conventional (ceria) slurry types.  


Research Intern: National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network 

June 2005-August 2005                   Cornell Nanoscale Facility             Ithaca, NY

  • Conducted research under the direction of Professor Sandip Tiwari, director of NNIN & CNF. Delved into the nanoscale adaptive limits of liquid lenses through the fabrication of silicon/quartz wafers with apertures at the nanoscale.
  • Trained and experienced on photolithographic processes and tools, chemical/mechanical thin film deposition and etching, making of photomasks, CAD design, & metrology at the micro and nanoscale.